The year 2020 is certainly a bad one for cinema. Not only Bengal but the whole world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. But since the lockdown is over now, the Tollywood film industry, known for providing some gems to the world cinema is coming back to its normal self. The studio para in Tollygunge is up and running once again. Production and post-production of the films which stopped during the lockdown started again. Aabesh is one of the many brilliant films which are going to release this year. Directed by Sourav Datta, this film will be a treat to watch as it will touch the emotional strings of the viewers.

Aabesh is the story of Bidisha, a young girl who left everything behind her and went to Kolkata from Bengaluru just for the sake of her love, Samir, who stays there. But she was unknown to the fact that her boyfriend has become bankrupt. Samir commits suicide and that causes mental trauma for Bidisha. She starts hallucinating and a suicidal tendency grew in her mind. What happens to Bidisha next? To know that, you have to watch the film. The shooting and the editing of the film have been completed already. Director Sourav Datta, who is also the writer and cinematographer of the film is now on the verge of finishing the dubbing part and is now focussing on the background music where you will witness the sheer class of Dipu Deshmukh, playing the classical instruments.

Produced by Dipankar Roy, Sourav Datta, and presented by Swadesh Restaurant LA, the major USP of the film is certainly the acting and cinematography. The inclusion of some of the finest actors of the industry like Rukmini Sircar, Tapasya Dasgupta, Madhabi Mukherjee, Dip Dey, Surajit Chowdhury, and Ipshita Kundu speaks for itself. Among some other major contributions for the film include the excellent editing skills of Tamound Mukherjee and Sourav Datta. We wish luck to Sourav Datta and team for Aabesh and all upcoming projects. We certainly hope that film-lovers and critics will love the film and pave the way for its journey in becoming one of the most iconic Bengali films of the year.

Aabesh – Her Lost Butterfly Trailer