Aabar Osur Bodh

Final Poster_02

She is the power. She is the cause. She is Nila …

Pratik is becoming mad day by day. Even he can kill someone. His wife Nila meets Sudip , Pratik’s childhood friend, to talk about his unusual changes on an Ashtami afternoon (Eighth day of Durga Puja). She suspects Pratik is playing an online game for money and people commits suicide after playing the game. Then something unexpected happens.

Releasing On youtube on this puja

Cast: Poushalee Dasgupta, Sourav Datta Ghosh and Supratik Banik

MakeUp: Amit Biswas

Sound Recording: Ritaban Basu

DOP: Sunny Mondal

Editing: Tamonud Mukherjee

AD: Sudipto Ghosh

Screenplay, Sound Mixing and Direction: Sourav Datta

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